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  • Sugar diabetes affects an estimated 20.8 million Americans, or 7% of the U.S. population, although over 6 million sufferers are not aware that they have it.
  • Sugar and Diabetics - it’s a common myth that diabetics can’t eat sugar, encouraged by the fact that many sugar free products are promoted as ‘diabetic’ such as diabetic sweets and diabetic chocolates
  • Information about Diabetes. Knowing the facts about diabetes neuropathy can help you to identify warning signs and limit the damage this can do
  • What are the Symptoms of Diabetes ? Early diabetes diagnosis plays a crucial role in diabetic control, and can prevent further medical complications, and in extreme cases, even death
  • Diabetes Type 1. Because people with diabetes type 1 need to take insulin in order to stay alive, this disease is also often referred to as insulin dependent diabetes.
  • Diabetes Type 2. 80% of people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are overweight, and the heavier you are the higher risk you have
  • Gestational Diabetes. Up to 5% of pregnant women in the US develop gestational diabetes, making it one of the most common health problems in pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is usually discovered when a regular urine test indicates the presence of sugar.
  • Diabetes Nutrition. Choosing the right food is important for diabetics, as it can help to control blood sugar levels, regulate blood pressure, and manage blood fats such as cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Diabetes Medicine. If you are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, your doctor may initially recommend that you control your blood sugar with a mixture of diet, exercise and diabetes medicines that are designed to lower your blood sugar.
  • Diabetes Medicines - amid growing concerns that diabetes medicines are being given to type 2 diabetes sufferers too quickly, let’s take a look at diabetes medicines and lifestyle changes as two ways to combat this disease.
  • Diabetes Diets. Diabetes obesity is a major contributing factor to diabetes related complications, and losing weight through diabetes diets can help to control blood sugar levels, avoiding these complications
  • Diabetes and Hearing Loss. There are a number of ways the ears can be affected by diabetes, and hearing loss is frequently the result
  • Diabetes Supplies. The amount of equipment you need to control your diabetes and maintain a healthy lifestyle can be surprising to newly diagnosed diabetics
  • Diabetic foot care is a major issue for both type 1 and type 2 diabetics. High blood sugar associated with these conditions can lead to diabetic neuropathy, causing numbness in the feet which makes common foot problems hard to detect
  • Diabetic Foot Cream - even if you don’t have diabetes related foot problems just yet, start using a diabetic foot cream without delay to reduce your risk from serious ulcers and infections in the future
  • Shoes for Diabetics - badly fitting footwear is one of the main causes of diabetes related foot ulcers and infections but specialist diabetic shoes can provide an answer
  • Diabetic socks are designed specifically to reduce the risk of diabetes related foot complaints by reducing pressure and irritation, by limiting possibilities for infection, and by cushioning key areas of your feet
  • Diabetic Shoe Inserts - well fitting, supportive footwear is vital for diabetics to prevent the rubbing and slipping that can contribute to foot ulcers and infections
  • Diabetes Management. Management of diabetes with your diet doesn’t mean you have to stop eating all your favourite foods; you just need to balance what you eat to make sure you have a varied and healthy diet.
  • Diabetes and Cinnamon. This article shows how including cinnamon in your type 2 diabetes diet can help you to lower your blood sugar levels. As well as discussing how cinnamon works to reduce blood sugar, it gives some tips on adding cinnamon to healthy diabetes diets.
  • Health Insurance for Diabetics. Once you are diagnosed with diabetes you may find it hard to take out insurance policies which may be affected by your condition.
  • Diabetes Information. Snippets of information about diabetes
  • Article Directory
  • Diabetes and Nutrition. This article about diabetes nutrition discusses the possibility of type 2 diabetics controlling their blood sugar by following a similar diet to their primitive ancestors. It looks at the results of research done at Lund University in Sweden
  • Gestational Diabetes Diet. This article looks at how a personalised gestational diabetes diet plan can prevent excess sugar being passed to your growing baby, and reduce their risk of developing diabetes later in life. It gives tips and advice for an effective gestational diabetes diet
  • New diabetes diet sweeping America could cause critical illness. The exact number of women affected by this frightening diabetes diet is hard to determine as most people who are skipping insulin injections will not actually admit it whilst they are suffering from diabulimia
  • Diabetes Treatment Drugs. When people hear the diagnoses of diabetes, they tend to assume that insulin injections are the only course of treatment available to them. With Type 2 diabetes this is not the case
  • Diabetes Insulin Pump. Diabetics the world over will be thankful to the talented individuals of the medical profession that have designed crucial equipment like the blood sugar monitor and diabetes insulin pump
  • Diabetes Diet. Unfortunately there is no miraculous diabetes diet that a diabetic should follow to control their condition, but the good news is all they have to do is follow the same healthy eating plan as anybody else.
  • Insulin Cell Transplant Therapy. Although there are a quarter of a million type 1 diabetics in the UK, only twelve patients have so far undergone insulin cell therapy.

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