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Shoes for Diabetics

Find the perfect fit with shoes for diabeticsShoes for diabetics   


Finding well fitting shoes can be a real hassle for diabetics, and those that suffer from numbness or neuropathy often aren’t aware when their shoes are too tight or are rubbing. Badly fitting footwear is one of the main causes of diabetes related foot ulcers and infections but specialist diabetic shoes can provide an answer.  


Companies such as Acor design shoes specifically with diabetics in mind -  Acor’s Spring Street Diabetic Shoes.


Their shoes usually feature:


  • Breathable materials that allows air circulation   
  • Extra depth to accommodate shoe inserts   
  • Additional toe room to reduce pressure    
  • Smooth insides with no rough stitching to cause ulcers     
  • Stretchy or adjustable sides for a perfect fit even over swollen feet   

Don’t think you have to sacrifice style for healthy comfortable feet. Acor’s Spring Street Diabetic Shoes were designed with the main focus on style and simplicity. 


Tip: Look for lightweight diabetic shoes that will reduce the pressure on your feet. Acor’s Spring Street Diabetic Shoes are ultra light weight, whilst still featuring long lasting soles and premium leather.    


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