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Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks mean comfortable healthy feetDiabetic Socks   


No matter how supportive and well fitting your diabetic shoes are, they won’t prevent foot problems unless you wear a pair of high quality diabetic socks underneath them.  


Diabetic socks are designed specifically to reduce the risk of diabetes related foot complaints by reducing pressure and irritation, by limiting possibilities for infection, and by cushioning key areas of your feet. 


The Jobst Sensifoot Crew Sock is a popular FSA approved diabetic sock that is available in black, navy, white, or brown, and in a wide range of foot sizes. A Jobst diabetic sock will:  


  • Reduce toe irritation with its flat, low profile toe seam    
  • Provide greater cushioning and support with acrylic padding    
  • Eliminate odours, fungus and bacteria due to its antimicrobial properties  

Tip: Look for a diabetic sock that won’t slide or bunch causing pressure points on the skin. The Jobst Senifoot Crew Sock uses mild gradient compression so you can be sure it stays in place without being restricting or uncomfortable.


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