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Diabetic Shoe Inserts

Gain vital support with diabetic shoe insertsDiabetic Shoe Inserts


Well fitting, supportive footwear is vital for diabetics to prevent the rubbing and slipping that can contribute to foot ulcers and infections. Diabetic shoe inserts give exactly the right support where it is needed; essential for diabetics with neuropathy who may not be able to tell when their footwear is uncomfortable or lacking in support.


Acor Quikfit Lite shoe inserts are a great example, offering unparalleled arch support and comfort, and featuring a multi layered design ideal for diabetic feet.


Finding a perfectly fitting shoe that moulds to your feet can be hard, especially if you are experiencing numbness in your feet, but with an Acor insole you can be sure you have the right support just where you need it.


Tip:Acor Quikfit Lite inserts feature a superb new P-Cell top layer designed specifically for diabetic feet. This non toxic, hypo allergenic material moulds perfectly to the foot providing maximum comfort and a perfect fit.


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