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Diabetic Foot Cream

A daily diabetic foot cream means healthy nourished feetDiabetic Foot Cream


Healthy, well lubricated feet are vital to fight off infections that can easily affect dry or cracked skin. Use a cream such as Anastatsia’s Diabetic Foot Cream twice daily, and reap the following benefits:


  • Moisturised and well nourished feet
  • Reduced healing time and faster skin regrowth
  • Pain relief from diabetic neuropathy
  • Defence against fungal, bacterial or microbial infections                                                                            FSA approved

Even if you don’t have diabetes related foot problems just yet, start using a diabetic foot cream without delay to reduce your risk from serious ulcers and infections in the future. If you’re already experiencing foot problems, it’s never too late to start a diabetic foot care regime, so try out a specialist diabetic foot cream today.


Tip: Look out for a non greasy formula such as Anastasia’s Diabetic Foot Treatment, which is also one of the few products FSA approvedfor use between the toes.


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