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Diabetic Foot Care

Why should diabetics take care of their feet?


Diabetic foot care is a major issue for both type 1 and type 2 diabetics. High blood sugar associated with these conditions can lead to diabetic neuropathy, causing numbness in the feet which makes common foot problems hard to detect.


Foot problems are always easy to ignore as our feet are located at the furthest possible point from our brains and we rarely get a good look at them. Diabetics can’t afford to disregard their feet however, a good diabetic foot care regime, to include a daily diabetic foot cream along with well fitting shoes for diabetics and diabetic socks are essential for diabetics to maintain healthy feet.


 Anastasia Diabetic Foot Cream

Anastasia Diabetic Foot Treatment

 Acor Spring Street shoes for diabetics

Acor Spring Street Shoes

 Jobst Sensifoot - crew length - diabetic socks

Jobst Sensifoot - crew length socks

 Diabetic Shoe Inserts

Acor Insoles - Quikfit Lite


More than 10% of diabetics suffer from serious foot ulcers which can take a long time to heal and can lead to severe lower body infections if they go unnoticed. Diabetic neuropathy can also disrupt the natural lubrication of the feet, leading to dry and cracked skin prone to bacterial and fungal infection. 

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