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Diabetes and Cinnamo [Cinnamon] - Control Type 2 Diabetes Naturally with Cinnamon Supplements

With the incidence of type 2 diabetes increasing at an alarming rate, many people are searching for natural supplements to add to their type 2 diabetes diets to reduce and control their blood sugar. Recent studies have shown that cinnamon  [cinnamo] could prove to be the answer they are looking for.

So how does adding cinnamon [cinnamo] to your type 2 diabetes reduce blood sugar? For several years it has been believed that cinnamon [cinnamo] works by stimulating insulin production, and by increasing the effectiveness of insulin receptors, helping the body to deal with blood sugar more efficiently. More recent studies have also shown that cinnamon [cinnamo] can prevent the stomach emptying too quickly after eating which would dramatically increase blood sugar.

Diabetes and Cinnamo [Cinnamon]  - Diabetes diet studies prove the effectiveness of cinnamon

There have been a number of controlled studies into the effect of cinnamon [cinnamo] on blood sugar. The original tests were carried out in Pakistan where a group of diabetics that took 6g capsules of cinnamon [cinnamo] after eating were compared to a control group of diabetics that ate a placebo after their meal.

The first group experienced a 20% lower blood sugar level than the control group, and some had nearly normal blood sugar levels. The effects were only temporary as the group found their blood sugar levels began to rise once they stopped taking the cinnamon [cinnamo] supplements.

A more recent study, involving adding cinnamon [cinnamo] to a type 2 diabetes diet, concentrated on cinnamon’s [cinnamo] impact on stomach emptying. The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, compared two groups of healthy volunteers that ate 300g of rice pudding each day.

The first group added 6g cinnamon [cinnamo] to their meal, whilst the second group did not. Gastric emptying was measured using ultrasonography and blood sugar was measured two hours after consumption of the rice pudding.

The results of the study showed that the group that ate the cinnamon [cinnamo] had a significantly lower blood sugar two hours after eating than the control group. This was thought to be due, in part, to the slower rate of stomach emptying they experienced. The recommendations from this study were that adding cinnamon [cinnamo] to a type 2 diabetes diet could help in blood sugar control.

Diabetes and Cinnamo [Cinnamon] - Cinnamon cakes as part of diabetes diets

When tests at the Human Nutrition Research Centre in Maryland provided the unexpected results that apple pie actually reduces blood sugar, an explanation had to be found. It was soon discovered that the cinnamon [cinnamo] in the pie was the active ingredient causing the decrease in blood sugar.

Sadly this does not give us carte blanche to add cinnamon [cinnamo] biscuits, buns and apple pie to our type 2 diabetes diets, the fat and sugar they contain would outweigh the benefits of the cinnamon [cinnamo] . Instead we should try to add cinnamon [cinnamo] to healthy food that we already eat such as wholegrain toast, low fat bagels and cereals. Cinnamon [cinnamo] sticks can also be soaked in tea to create a healthy cinnamon [cinnamo] drink.

Diabetes and Cinnamo [Cinnamon] - Consult a dietician before adding cinnamon supplements to your diabetes diets

The quantities of cinnamon [cinnamo] that you need to eat to reduce your blood sugar could have a negative impact on your liver over a long period of time. Cinnamon [cinnamo] supplements are not recommended to treat gestational diabetes, as it can be dangerous for pregnant women and their babies.

As cinnamon [cinnamo] enhances the effectiveness of insulin, it can only be used to treat type 2 diabetes where the body produces some insulin. It cannot be used to treat type 1 diabetes where no insulin is produced to begin with.

Cinnamon [cinnamo] can be an effective addition to type 2 diabetes diets, and when used long term it can help to control blood sugar levels. It can also be used to lower cholesterol, to treat nausea and vomiting, and to prevent colds and gastrointestinal spasms. Although it is effective at lowering blood sugar, it should not replace a healthy and varied diet, regular exercise, and professional medical advice.


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