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Diabetes Supplies

The amount of equipment you need to control your diabetes and maintain a healthy lifestyle can be surprising to newly diagnosed diabetics. Not only do you need a good diabetes medical supply including diabetes drugs, or insulin and syringes, you will also need diabetic testing supplies, and potentially specialist supplies such as diabetic socks and special shoes for diabetics. Looking after your feet should start with a daily application of a good diabetic foot cream.

Diabetes testing supplies

You will need diabetic testing supplies to monitor your blood sugar level and ensure that you keep it under control.  Buying a diabetes meter is relatively cheap, and may even be free under certain diabetes supply schemes.  The expensive element of diabetes testing supplies is testing strips.  These are thin pieces of plastic onto which a drop of blood is placed.  They are then fed into your diabetes monitor to determine your blood sugar level.

When asked why diabetes testing supplies are so expansive, drug companies state that the materials themselves are not that costly, but the research, development, and testing that goes into them that makes them expensive.  When buying test strips you should make sure they are compatible with your monitor, and you should always perform a control test on each new box of strips to make sure you are getting an accurate reading.

Shoes and socks for diabetics

Diabetics need to take particular care of their feet for two reasons. Firstly, nerve damage or neuropathy caused by diabetes stops some people feeling pain or changes in temperature in their feet. This can lead to infections and sensitivity to other foot problems. The second impact of diabetes on the feet is that it can harden and block the arteries to the feet decreasing circulation.

Buying specialist diabetic socks and diabetic shoes can help to prevent foot problems. A good diabetic sock is seamless, or has flat soft seams, is made of breathable natural materials, and has minimal constriction around the ankle. It may also have additional padding to cushion the foot.

Special diabetic shoes are also made from breathable materials. They have plenty of ‘wiggle room’ around the toes and allow for the inevitable foot swelling that occurs throughout the day.

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