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Diabetes Management

With a little attention to diabetes management, most diabetics can lead a perfectly normal, healthy and active life.  If you are diagnosed with diabetes, self management can greatly reduce the impact the disease has on your life.  There are four main areas you should include in your diabetes management program which are diet, medication, exercise and socialising.

Managing diabetes with a healthy diet

Eating a well balanced diet is a crucial part of diabetes management. You need to be aware of the effect different foodstuffs have on your blood sugar level, and learn which of these you can eat safely, and in what quantities.

Management of diabetes with your diet doesn’t mean you have to stop eating all your favourite foods; you just need to balance what you eat to make sure you have a varied and healthy diet.  As well as managing your blood sugar level, this will assist diabetes weight management and reduce your risk of heart disease.  

Diabetes medication management

Whether you are using insulin or other drugs to control your diabetes, self management of your condition requires you to take responsibility for your medication.  As well as taking your medication at the same time each day, you need to make time to test your blood sugar level regularly.  This may mean thinking ahead and planning your daily activities around medication and tests, as well as making sure you have the necessary equipment with you if you are out and about.  

Including exercise in your diabetes management program

We all know that we should exercise to control our weight, increase muscle tone and improve our psychological wellbeing, but in these days of drive-thru services, televisions and computers, we are becoming less and less active.

Maintaining an active lifestyle and incorporating regular exercise into your weekly routine is especially beneficial for diabetics and is an essential part of diabetes management. Regular exercise can help to lower blood sugar and can assist the body to use blood sugar more effectively.  It can also make the insulin you take work more efficiently.

The importance of socialising in diabetes management     

Many of your doctors won’t mention this aspect of diabetes management, but maintaining an active social life can really help you to control your condition. Relaxing with family or friends can help to reduce stress levels, a crucial part of diabetes self management.

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, and have to continually think about diet and medication, it can be very easy to become self-involved and obsessed with your condition.  Keeping in contact with your social network and listening to what is happening in your friends’ worlds, can help to prevent diabetes taking over your life. 

You can combine socialising, healthy eating and exercise in your diabetes management program. Perhaps you can join a gym with a friend and make a habit of eating a healthy lunch after your exercise sessions.  Join a sports team or other social group where physical activity is the main focus.  Managing diabetes does not have to mean leading a boring life.  With a little care and planning, diabetes management can help you to remain healthy and active despite your condition. 


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