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Primitive man leads the way in diabetes nutrition - Although your doctor is unlikely to recommend you begin to eat the same diet as your primitive ancestors, a recent study at Lund University, Sweden, suggests that this is exactly what Type 2 diabetics should be doing.

A gestational diabetes diet plan reduces your childs risk of diabetes - If you suffer from gestational diabetes while you are pregnant, a dangerously high level of sugar may pass from your blood to your baby.  This can significantly increase your baby’s risk of developing diabetes later in life.

New Diabetes Diet Sweeping America Could Cause Critical Illness - According to recent studies a serious eating disorder is spreading throughout the Type 1 diabetic population, including over half a million Americans.

Knowing the Different Types of Diabetes Treatment Drugs - When people hear the diagnoses of diabetes, they tend to assume that insulin injections are the only course of treatment available to them.

Agency to Design Diabetes Insulin Pump to rival the iPod - Diabetics the world over will be thankful to the talented individuals of the medical profession that have designed crucial equipment like the blood sugar monitor and diabetes insulin pump.

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